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How Educational Toys Are Innovative

Every parent, if they’re really truthful, wants their kid to be a bright light. And we want toys to develop their intelligence while remaining fun and holding their attention for more than ten seconds. Toys are a source which kids enjoy spending time with and combined with learning, it becomes the best resource Numerous childcare… continue reading

3 Effective Ways To Help Improve Your Child’s Study Habits

In order to perform well in school, children have to develop good home and study habits. How he acts at home reflects how he does at school – if he sits all day watching TV during weekends, he’s likely to show the same lazy attitude towards his school work. As a parent, it is our… continue reading

Toy Reviews – How to Write Helpful Toy Reviews

1. Does The Toy Do What It Says It Should Do? This is pretty straightforward, yet strangely often overlooked. If the packaging is advertising a toy incorrectly, it is not only dangerous, but against the law and should be reported. In your opinion, did the toy do what you thought it would do? 2. Is… continue reading

All or Nothing – A Fun Bible School Activity for Your Kids To Learn Proverbs 3:5-6

Proverbs 3:5-6 says this: “Trust in the LORD with all your heart, and lean not on your own understanding; in all your ways acknowledge Him, and He shall direct your paths.” If you notice, this verse doesn’t say, “Trust in the Lord with half of your heart” or “three-quarters”. It says “all”. That’s completely –… continue reading

Advantages Of Babies Dummy Clips

If you want your child to stay in touch with the latest fashion and trends then you will be interested in hearing about the latest clips that are available for the babies dummy to clip on to. Through the use of a dummy clip you can now match your child’s dummy strap to their outfit… continue reading

Conceiving a Female Baby With the Shettle’s Method – Truth Revealed Finally!

With expecting mothers worldwide secretly wishing or deciding on conceiving a female baby, women have been searching and employing many different methods to raise their chances at having a happy little baby girl. However, in the past twenty-five years, more and more people have looked to the Shettles method for greater chances and a 75… continue reading

7 Steps to Starting Up a Home Daycare

Starting a home daycare is a great business for stay at home mom or someone that wants to work from home and loves to care for children. Moreover, there is a great need for infant/toddler care and a many parents prefer that their young children are in a home setting until they are old enough… continue reading

Buga Toys: New Way to Play and Learn

Looking out for something different for your kids to play? Are they bored with their regular dolls and other toys? Well, here’s your chance to make them happy with the Buga Monsters. These silly, crazy and naughty little monsters are sure to make your child’s boring time, fun. These 5 Buga monsters can be so… continue reading

5 Ways to Dress Your Child Like a Rock Star

Many children want to grow up to be rock stars. Some even pretend they already are. If you want to dress your child to look like a rock star, follow these tips to help her create the perfect look: pick a style, start off with the crux of the matter, choose timeless pieces, accessorize to… continue reading

Dyadic Developmental Psychotherapy – An Evidence-Based Treatment For Disorders of Attachment

Dyadic Developmental Psychotherapy is an evidence-based and effective form of treatment for children with trauma and disorders of attachment . It is an evidence-based treatment, meaning that there has been empirical research published in peer-reviewed journals. Craven & Lee (2006) determined that DDP is a supported and acceptable treatment (category 3 in a six level… continue reading