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Five Tips To Help Save Your Child From Tech Addiction

Could too much tech time lead to unruly behavior or even worse with your child? An Iowa teen recently ran away from home when his parents took away his cellphone. As reported by most major outlets the 13-year-old was found dead some five days later. While no one will ever know what truly caused the… continue reading

18 Ways Your Child Can Benefit From Hobbies

We teach our children many of the skills and experiences to prepare them for adulthood. Home education and some form of formal or academic education, together with a wide range of social experiences help our children grow in many ways. But what can we do to equip children with the unique skills and experiences that… continue reading

30 Minute Menus For Mother’s Day

I can’t think of a better way to show our mothers how much we care about them than to prepare a loving meal for them. It can be hard to pull it all together with so much else going on, however. I have some 30-minute menu ideas for you. Let’s get started… You will find… continue reading

Feng Shui Baby Names

There are various ways to pick a baby name. The ways vary from different Feng Shui schools. Feng means wind, while Shui means water. Feng Shui Masters found a way to relate Feng Shui with baby name. Chinese astrologers use Feng Shui on how to pick a baby name. The name at birth is very… continue reading

About Balance Bikes

Cycling can be a fun activity for both adults and children; however, one has to train first on how to maintain the balance while cycling. For kids, this is not that hard due to the availability of balance bikes, these helps train the toddlers as young as the age at which they learn to walk… continue reading

Parenting After Divorce – Pattie Mallette and Jeremy Bieber Show You How

Most parents are always there for their children, support them, love them deeply and take care of them. It is every kid’s dream to have wonderful mom and dad who love him or her very much. Unfortunately, every year many couples get divorced, and if there are kids present in the marriage, parents will have… continue reading

Some Important Points to Consider While Buying Toys for Kids

As a parent, you would have given several toys to your kids on numerous occasions like birthdays and festivals. It does not come as a surprise that kids nowadays have a plethora of toys to play with. They don’t think twice about asking the same version of a toy over and over again from their… continue reading

Get Your Baby to Sleep With NLP

One of the core principles of NLP is modeling. Now I don’t mean modeling fashion, I’m talking about modeling in its truest meaning which is to copy something, to mimic. Babies watch what you do from the moment they are born and they want to copy you. This is how they learn and develop the… continue reading

A Totally Happy Mother’s Day Just For You

Dear mom, mommy, mamá, maman, mamma, de mamma, amma, ma, emak, ibu, inchik, ummi, yes, all mothers at and throughout the world…of the slightest difference none for what reason can we stare; At, Ampang, Rawang, Kuala Lumpur, Manila, Jakarta, Bangkok, Calcutta, Beijing, Sydney, London, Paris, Toronto, Moscow, Indiana, Other Places, or Delaware; Truly,… continue reading

Creative Marketing Ideas For Toy Stores

Toy stores have to market to two distinct audiences-children, who are the end-users, and parents, who are the purchasers. Having only one marketing strategy won’t prove to be very effective for your toy store, as you’ll only be reaching a portion of your market. It’s best to use a mix of mediums and messages to… continue reading