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4 Reasons To Seek Chiropractic Care During Pregnancy

Recently a patient, Thalia, who was in her six month of pregnancy came to my chiropractic office. She had been having mild lower back pain all along, but the discomfort had intensified prompting her to call us. I’ve seen this many times in my 37 years of practice. Chiropractic care during pregnancy can be a… continue reading

The Power of Prayer to Heal

On one occasion, I was asked to go into a room and be with a daughter whose Mom was dying. Mom was expected to die not long after I was to enter the room. When I went into the room, the daughter was at her Mom’s bedside. She did die not long after I had… continue reading

The Key Ingredients of an Unforgettable Baby Shower

Much like any other parties, it does require some planning, but, being an informal event, you don’t have to worry too much about all the details and you can keep things casual while at the same time being creative. The benefit of baby-themed parties is that there are many amazing things you could try and… continue reading

Have a Child Participating in Cheerleading? Learn More About Common Cheerleading Injuries

Cheerleading is a popular form of physical activity in the U.S. with an estimated 2.8 million elementary and high school kids participating in the sport each year. While pompoms and fancy uniforms may define cheerleading for some, the activity actually involves a tremendous amount of skill and athletic conditioning. Cheerleaders need to build up a… continue reading

Baby and Children’s Jewelry Sizings

Many people, when purchasing an item of baby or children’s jewelry, have very little idea of the size of their little one’s wrist, ankle or neck. Because children vary greatly in size, particularly their wrist and ankle size, use this guide which gives average sizes with some give and take, when you purchase a baby… continue reading

Critical Care Nurse to Traveling Entrepreneur: How I Mentally Did It

“How did you go to from being a nurse to traveling around the world as an entrepreneur?” I get this question a lot. True, my career path has not been very conventional. It’s quiet rare, actually. However, it can be done. Everyone’s exact steps are different, so instead of sharing my chronological process, I’d rather… continue reading

Kids Toys – Why Building Blocks Are Such a Popular Toy

Building blocks are one of the few kids’ toys that is loved by every child at some stage of their youth. Indeed, one of the main building block producers is the 5th largest toy manufacturer in the world and has been named “Toy Of The Century” on two separate occasions. Boys and girls, toddler or… continue reading

Pros and Cons of Using Play Mats

Play mats have been around for decades. They are an area for your child to occupy while the youngster plays with their toys. The use in the home is not very common, but most daycares use them in some form. The mat will come in almost every texture, color, and shape imaginable, but their primary… continue reading

5 Gifts Perfect for the Green Thumb Friend

It’s your friend’s birthday and you want to give them one that will truly represent her or his personality. You have a lot of options right at your fingertips as Amazon has almost everything in store for you. But, the catch is, your friend is a dyed-in-the-wool plant enthusiast. You are now in the dilemma… continue reading

When Akita Puppies Are Ready to Leave Their Mother

By the time the puppies are seven to eight weeks old, they should be fully weaned. Their mother should still be in attendance so that she can play with them and enjoy them, but they should have learnt that there is no milk to be had from her, and they should not pester her. The… continue reading