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Why Activities And Sports Are Important To Kids

Learning the right values is the most important stage in your child’s growth. If you teach them proper values at an early age, they will be able to face the challenges that the future may bring them. Aside from learning at home and at school, exposure outside can develop your child become a better person…. continue reading

Beneficial Activities That Your Kids Will Love

As parents we strive hard to always find ways to keep our kids busy with fun and beneficial activities. It can be a challenge for parents to always find fun activities and new things to keep the kids active and busy. However if you think back to the things you enjoyed as a child you… continue reading

Baby Shower (Godh Bharai)

Every woman is a god when she becomes a mother. In some countries, a baby shower is a way to celebrate the expected or delivered birth of a child by presenting gifts to the mother at a party whereas other cultures host a baby shower to celebrate the transformation of a woman into a mother…. continue reading

What Is Child Labour?

Any child under the age specified by law worldwide works full time, mentally or physically to earn for own survival or adding to family income, that interrupts child’s social development and education is called “child labour”. Any child under the age of 15 engaged in activity to feed family or self is “child labour”. ILO… continue reading

Reading – How to Teach Supporting Details to Children

Note: Before one begins showing children how to pick out supporting details in an article make sure the child understands what “Main Idea” (Topic Sentence) is all about. Begin by explaining to the child: The topic sentence of a passage or paragraph tells us what it is about. Have them write a topic sentence about… continue reading

What Are the Benefits of Preschool for Parent and Child?

There are a number of benefits for sending your kids to preschool, here are some of the top reasons preschool is a great idea: One of the best benefits of preschool is that they get to be with a teacher, and are introduced to a classroom setting, where the teacher is the authority figure, and… continue reading

Incest: the Ultimate Act of Betrayal

During the past two decades, all forms of child abuse, including sexual abuse and incest, have received wide recognition. As a result, many women who were sexually abused as a child has stepped forward to express their abuse experiences; thereby breaking the “conspiracy of silence.” Incest is no longer in the closet, the family secrets,… continue reading

Math Games and Activities to Help You Teach Your Child Math

If your child is struggling with learning math, it can be of big help to find creative ways to teach him the subject. Motivating your child to learn math may start from finding math games and activities that he would enjoy rather than forcing him to learn the usual way. Help your child apply math… continue reading

The Natural Childbirth Movement

Grantly Dick-Read In his book Childbirth Without Fear, first published in the 1940’s, Dr Grantly Dick-Read brought the principles of natural childbirth to public attention. His philosophy was to try to lessen and hopefully eliminate fear and tension, and the pain that resulted from these options, through proper education and emotional support. The Grantly Dick-Read… continue reading

Dress Up Games Fast Facts

Playing dress up games is one of the most loved activities by those who are fond of fashion. This type of video game can now be played online wherever it is possible to locate even your preferred celebrities and other cartoon characters that childrens really love. The players can use clothes also as accessories including… continue reading