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Primasil Silicones – Overview of Environments Where Silicone Rubber Is a Suitable Material

Silicone can be supplied as an oil, grease, sealant, or rubber. The rubber is typically supplied in one of three forms – a room temperature vulcanisation (RTV) kit, as a liquid, or as high consistency rubber (HCR). In its uncured (un-vulcanised) form, the consistency of HCR silicone ranges from soft putty to cheddar cheese! This… continue reading

A Look at Vitacost Vs Swanson

There are two major names in the healthy living category over the internet and they are Swanson Health Products and Vitacost. Both companies have a wide range of affordable products and they are worth taking a look at if you are trying to find a product to improve your life, help you achieve your dieting… continue reading

Why Waldorf Works: A Neuroscientific Perspective

Why Waldorf works has more to do with how the brain develops and functions optimally than Rudolf Steiner ever could have known. Sure the educator and founder of Waldorf Education theorized convincingly about how children learn best, but until MRI’s and other sophisticated measures of the brain were developed, we had no way to prove… continue reading

5 Methods of Joining Plastic Parts to Each Other

Making plastic parts is one of the most efficient ways to design and manufacture parts. In numerous cases these days, it is necessary to join two or more plastic parts together. Fortunately there are a wide variety of ways you can do this. I want to show you five of the best ways to accomplish… continue reading

The Essence of Responsible Parenthood

Being a parent is a wonderful gift from God. Having tasks and responsibilities is not an easy job. It requires hard work and cooperation from both husband and wife. As your family grows, the responsibility also expands. It’s not just giving your kids all the comforts in life but giving them love and discipline as… continue reading

NASCAR Races Are Great For The Entire Family

NASCAR Races – Ever Been? So what is all the hype about NASCAR racing anyway? Well, if you have never been, you don’t know what you are missing! Sure professional baseball, football and basketball are great sporting events to attend in person, but nothing compares to the thrills and excitement of a live stock car… continue reading

How an Autistic Child Changed A Career For the Better

Typically, career choices are made based upon responsibilities, compensation, or prestige where a businessperson makes a change to get a higher salary, more responsibility, or greater prestige. What about the situation, though, where the driver behind a career choice isn’t any of these; where it’s the needs of a child that drive the change? My… continue reading

Eelpout Fishing – Tips To Grab A Few In Minnesota

The Ling is a slippery, slimy, utterly smelly and disgusting looking fish and is voted by anglers the world over as the most unattractive of Pisceans in the waters of the world. This ugly creature of the deep is also called the ‘Eelpout’. So why is this ugly creature so popular with the anglers the… continue reading

As Serious As a Heart Attack – An Observer’s Perspective

The sounds of early morning are trickling in from outside. I have been up for hours and already feel exhausted before the day has begun. Crying and pounding my fist into the bed, I find myself bent over yelling, you are going to die, please listen to me, please. The words of anguish fell on… continue reading

Birthday Cakes for Kids: A Perfect Blend of Cuteness and Flavors!

Childhood is all about gorgeous and beautiful evocation memories. The astounding memories of the wonderful time spent with loved ones make life livelier. For kids, life is all about playing football, cricket, video games, ludo, and carom. Spending childhood with parents, friends, and dear ones is what makes kids happy in life. Being parents and… continue reading