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How To Sell Diaper Cakes and Earn Extra Money

Selling diaper cakes online is a great way to earn some extra income. They are shaped like a real cake, but they are not edible. They can be used as the centerpiece for the baby shower or as a welcome gift for the new mom. The main ingredients of a diaper cake are diapers. Baby… continue reading

Baby Bouncer Chair – Fun For You and Baby

The baby bouncer chair is a chair that an infant sits in. The seating part usually is sling like, there are springs on the bottom of the chair and the chair bounces gently with the baby’s movements. The action soothes the baby. The obvious benefit of the baby bouncer chair is that it soothes the… continue reading

Top Birthday Gifts Ideas For Everyone

Gifts are a great way to let your loved ones that you care for them. Though you can give these on any occasion, you should definitely do it on their birthdays. This would make your loved ones realise that you consider them an important part of your life, and they would remember the day for… continue reading

Advice From Emily Post On The Etiquette of Christenings & Giving Silver Gifts

Emily Post (1873-1960) was the doyen of etiquette advisers and in 1922 wrote advice on etiquette for Christenings or Baptisms. Some of the advice holds true today, but changes in methods of communications and modern lifestyles, make some of the advice seem terribly dated. I wonder what Mrs. Post would have thought about how we… continue reading

This is an E-Ticket Ride! The Rollercoaster that is Parenting Gifted Children

I was born and raised in Orange County, California, home to world-famous Disneyland. Until 1981, admittance to this beloved theme park included purchasing coupons, labeled A through E, for specific rides. E-coupons were always in highest demand (and were more expensive) because that was your ticket to the most exciting, the most adventurous, and the… continue reading

How To Plan a Fun and Memorable Baby Shower

It might sound intimidating, but with the right planning and proper preparation, planning a baby shower can actually be a fun process. Here are some helpful tips on how to plan a fun and memorable baby shower: Decide on a date and time If you are planning for it to be a surprise, aim to… continue reading

9 Suggestions for Cleaning and Washing Your Baby Quilts

Cleaning and washing your baby quilt is important since they will get plenty of use from your newborn. Babies tend to make a mess with their eating habits and dirty diapers. Many times that precious blanket just happens to get dirty and washing it is needed. Here are 9 suggestions: You can either hand wash… continue reading

Baby’s First Haircut – Why, When, How? Myths Vs Facts

Many parents have received strong advice about their baby’s first haircut. Often that advice is conveyed with apparent authority, but curiously contradicts the very next thing you’ll hear which is expressed with an equally strong sense of conviction. Surprised that this is such a hot topic? There are many theories on when and why a… continue reading

You Never Know – 2010 Valentine’s Day Will Be Different

When the special day, Valentine’s, is coming, are you still trying to coax your beloved one with those ordinary presents and sweet words? No, we will never do that on this Valentine’s Day. Then, how should we do to make it a really special day? To do some concrete thing for your beloved one is… continue reading

The Best Time to Order Christmas Gift Baskets For a Stress Free Holiday

When oh when is the best time to order a Christmas gift basket? You don’t want it to arrive too early. You want to ensure the products are fresh. So you wait until about two weeks before Christmas, visit your favourite website… and they are practically SOLD OUT of EVERYTHING! Today, I will offer you… continue reading