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Famous Fictional Markets

Markets are the backbone of the United Kingdom. They spring up all across the week, selling a range of goods; from the fresh and tasty produce that can be reaped from farmers market; to the ‘one man’s junk is another man’s treasure’ of the weekend clothes market; wholesale and bulk markets for retailers outsize quaint… continue reading

Bless the Child During the Baptism Ceremony With Some Nice Silver Gifts

Baptism is a very important ceremony with Christians. In this, a child is brought to the Catholic Church and some rituals are carried out. It is believed that after a child is baptized or christened he/she becomes an integral part of the Holy Body of Jesus Christ. The child then becomes a part of the… continue reading

Why Islamic Jewellery is the Perfect Islamic Gift For New Babies!

The arrival of a new baby is followed by the visits from relatives and friends to see the child, and they all come bearing gifts. In many Muslim cultures most first born babies receive some form of Islamic jewellery as gifts after their births. Although this is more of an ethnic tradition and not a… continue reading

Customized Birthday Gifts Your Friends Will Love

A birthday is a special time in the life of everybody. Anyone celebrating birthday will like to receive gifts from their loved ones, friends and family members. This makes them feel loved and happy. We have friends that celebrate their birthdays and most times we have no idea what we should get for them. The… continue reading

Birthday Gifts For Girls – Looking For Something Exciting?

Birthday gifts for girls are numerous and making a selection might get perplexing. What if the gift you bought didn’t really excite the birthday girl? That happens pretty often with most of us! To avoid this embarrassment you need to make sure that the birthday gifts you are giving are actually worthwhile for them. Girls… continue reading

Bronchopulmonary Dysplasia (BPD) or Chronic Lung Disease in Your Premature Baby

Bronchopulmonary Dysplasia (BPD) or Chronic Lung Disease is a problem that usually arises in premature babies born more than 4 weeks premature (under 36 weeks gestation), weighing less than 3 ½ pounds (less than 1500 grams), and within the first 4 weeks of birth. Premature babies born with BPD have lungs that do not work… continue reading

Islamic Gifts For Welcoming New Babies

Almost all religions and cultures have traditions regarding the arrival of a new baby in a family such as baby showers before the arrival, baptisms and celebratory parties after the baby arrives. Similarly, Islam and Islamic countries follow the tradition of an Aqeeqa upon the arrival of the bundle of joy. Aqeeqa incorporates the sacrifice… continue reading

Combination Bridal and Baby Showers

The fact is that for many women, getting married and having a baby happen very close together. When the two special events are right on top of each other, the woman’s friends might wonder if there is some way to hold one party to celebrate both occasions. This gave rise to the increasingly popular combination… continue reading

Benefits of Using Baby Shops

There are many instances when one can find oneself in need of baby items with no idea of what to get. Baby shops provide an alternative to purchasing the wrong gift for a baby shower. They also give parents a one-stop location to get items that include furniture and clothing for their growing baby. Many… continue reading

Unforgettable Baby Shower Gift Ideas

An invitation to a baby shower always evinces a ‘how cute!!’ expression from us. But not far behind is the doubt that accompanies it-what will you give as a gift? If you are choosy about your gifts, then this often becomes a difficult question. If you haven’t had a child of your own, this may… continue reading