Conceiving a Female Baby With the Shettle’s Method – Truth Revealed Finally!

With expecting mothers worldwide secretly wishing or deciding on conceiving a female baby, women have been searching and employing many different methods to raise their chances at having a happy little baby girl. However, in the past twenty-five years, more and more people have looked to the Shettles method for greater chances and a 75 percent fighting chance at desired results. In fact, optimists and other researchers have given the Shettles method a 90 percent success rate which makes this method even more popular.

Dr. Shettles’ research and method dictates some basic ideas that must be followed to the tee if you want good chances for conceiving a female baby. The Shettles method revolved around the idea that X chromosomal sperm has a different shape and travelling time as compared to those of the Y chromosomal category. The X chromosome carrying sperm, which is what results in a baby girl, larger than the Y chromosome sperm. To make things simpler, X chromosomal sperm have a slower travelling time than its counterpart.

Although you will need to invest in Dr. Shettles’ book for more detail, here are the basic steps that you will need to take in conceiving a female baby:

  • Getting the Timing Down: When you have your mind set on conceiving a female baby, it is important that you know your ovulation schedule. Because the X chromosome carrying sperm move slower, Shettles suggests that sexual intercourse should take place about 3 days before your ovulation cycles to increase your chances of conceiving a female baby. If you don’t know how to calculate our ovulation cycle just yet, you can employ one of these methods.
  • Basal Body Temperature: In this method, you will need to come into possession of a basal thermometer. Every morning, as soon as you wake up and before you do anything else, use your basal thermometer and take your temperature. When you are ovulating, your temperature rises. The reason that you are advised not to do anything before you take your temperature is that any physical activity will affect your body temperature and therefore give you inaccurate readings. You must chart a couple of months for accurate timing before you employ the Shettles method. If you take the time to surf the net, you can find BBT charts available to make your charting easier.
  • Ovulation Predictor Kits: These kits are a little more scientific than any of the other methods as it detects the hormone that is released in the body before ovulation occurs. When conceiving a female baby is your goal, Dr. Shettle recommends that you test your body two times a day to make sure you catch your ovulation early on in the cycle. Ovulation Predictor Kits are a bit pricey but if you can spend some time researching online, you will probably find a kit for a decent price.

What to Do During Sex

To up the chances of conceiving a female baby, Shettle recommends that you have sexual intercourse daily from the last day of your menstrual cycle up until two to three days before the start of your ovulation cycle. Try to abstain from sex or at least use protection for several days after the ovulation cycle. The reason behind this is that since the X chromosomal sperm moves slower, you give them a better chance to fertilize your eggs if you have sex further away from the ovulation cycle. Since Y chromosomal sperm move faster, they will reach the ovaries quickly and fail to survive up until the ovulation cycle begins.

Some Kama Sutra Knowledge Can Help

When you’re looking forward to conceiving a baby girl, keep in mind that you should avoid deep penetration. To ensure minimal penetration, it is advisable to use the missionary position during sexual intercourse so that when the male ejaculates, the sperm is released near the vaginal entrance. The higher acidity in this area will give your X chromosomal sperm a better chance.

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