When your child is 6 months old, he will start to explore the world and wants a chance to look around by himself. Of course you also want him to take his first steps as soon as possible. You can help him or wait until he learns how to walk by himself or you can get him a baby walker. There are several manufacturers that make a big variety of different baby walkers that can help your child learn how to stand up and walk. Choosing a Chicco activity walker is a wise choice as it has many features that help with your kid’s development.

Chicco activity walker is constructed for children aged from 6 to 12 months. It is made of plastic and weights around 5 lb. It is very easy to assemble the walker and its height is easily adjustable according to your child. This Chicco walker has two main purposes – it helps your baby learn how to stand and walk and it also functions as an activity center. There are several developing games on the walker. Your child can learn alphabets, shapes and sizes, colors and sounds of different animals. There are also different sound and light effects that attract your baby’s attention.

This is how the Chicco activity walker teaches your baby to walk. The baby can stand in the walker and hold on to it firmly. Whenever your baby moves or takes even a small step, the walker starts to play a sweet melody. Those melodies are carefully chosen and most children love them. When your kid stops, the melody stops. Nobody likes when their favorite music gets stopped before the end. So your baby has to take more steps, to hear the rest of the melody. Soon your baby will walk around the household, just look out for any dangerous situations like stairways or hot stoves.

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