Irregular Bleeding After Tubal Reversal Surgery and What It May Mean

Tubal reversal surgery has made it possible for many women to be able to conceive their own child again, giving many couples the ability to experience the joy of having a child. But as with any kind of surgery, there may be unexpected symptoms that may arise and with this operation there is no difference. Many women are concerned about irregular bleeding after tubal reversal after the procedure has been completed. There can be many reasons for this to occur, either from the surgery or a preexisting condition. When it comes to your body, you can’t leave anything to chance but you may not need to worry either.

There is a little bit of controversy when it comes to this particular symptom. Some doctors will tell you that this is a normal condition of tubal ligation reversal surgery. For some women you should expect your first menstruation to be heavy and more painful than usual. It is also normal for your first few periods to be late, sometimes by days.

However, others in the health care profession feel that the irregular bleeding may have come from a preexisting condition or maybe even just be ‘dumb luck’. We all know that sometimes things happen that no one can foresee or even have an explanation for why it is happening. No matter how you look at it, irregular bleeding after tubal reversal can be a real symptom and you should ask your doctor about any and all concerns you may have.

Most people, doctors and post-op women, feel that this irritating condition isn’t life threatening and will pass in time. If you are experiencing abnormal bleeding, let it be known that this isn’t the last symptom you may face. Like mentioned above, your first few periods may be late by as much as a few days. These periods may be heavy and more painful than your normal period.

However, for some women who have sought out the reversal operation for relief from post tubal ligation syndrome, the first period after the surgery and following ones may actually bring a surprise. You just might experience a resumption of what your periods were like before you had your tubes tied. In fact the vast majority of women who have their tubal ligation reversed end up with major relief of most or even all of their symptoms and not just the irregular or very heavy bleeding they suffered.

Your doctor may also recommend that you wait till at least one cycle has passed before you try to conceive, maybe more. It is possible to become pregnant during your first cycle but many doctors see it as a safety precaution. In fact some women become pregnant very quickly including within their first cycle. However, waiting allows your body to fully heal from the surgery before adding the stress of a pregnancy.

Despite all the pain and inconvenient circumstances that may occur, this condition isn’t usually life threatening. Some women report these symptoms after their surgery, and most of them report that the symptoms go away after time goes on. Regardless, if you feel that something is wrong, talk to your doctor. You may find that there is actually something other than the tubal reversal surgery causing your irregular bleeding. Many, however, feel that irregular bleeding after tubal reversal surgery is just one more step to finally starting a family and being able to enjoy diapers, baby kisses, bottles and baby toys like baby activity centers, dolls and trucks.

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