One of the better approaches, when trying to think of preschool activities or preschool lessons for you and your child to do for home school activities, is that you don’t get bogged down trying to be too structured. There is plenty of fun, educational, and informal preschool activities that you and your child can get involved in.

The top of the list when it comes to preschool activities and child learning would be reading. Getting the child involved early in learning to read, establishes good reading habits and a foundation that the child can learn from for a lifetime.

Learning to read for the child certainly doesn’t have to limited to books. You should also include poetry, songs (while singing together); reading the boxes of their favorite toys, or anything that they are drawn to could be included in their homeschool preschool activities. Just be creative.

Preschool age is a wonderful learning time for the child. They are naturally full of wonderment and curiosity at the preschool age. Take advantage of this trait. Use everyday tasks around the house for learning activities. Sorting clothes by color for laundry, dishes by color or size, if you are doing some organizing around the house, use this opportunity to relate different shapes and sizes to your preschooler. When you’re out and about in the world, always use this time as an educational moment. All the shapes sizes and colors you come across just at the grocery store alone make for a wonderful preschool activity. Its homeschooling and you’re not in your home!

If, you run across a question you are unable to answer, don’t just say that you aren’t sure or that you don’t know and leave it at that. Take the opportunity to begin to instill another great learning skill into your child. That of looking something up for an answer to which you don’t know. Even though the child can’t search for the answer yet, they can, witness and be a part of this valuable information seeking procedure. I can’t tell you what a valuable skill you will be instilling into your preschooler if you help them in developing this type of problem solving skill and attitude if you incorporate this into their daily preschool activities.

Preschool activities are limited only by your imagination…..child education is a wonderful experience, just relax, be informal, be creative.

Learning activities are indeed everywhere.

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