If you are looking for a business that can easily be done from home, that can command a high hourly rate, consider starting your own baby proofing business. A baby proofing business can be done from home, with a flexible schedule and has the potential to provide a high hourly pay rate.

Here are some of the benefits to starting your own baby proofing business:

1. Make a High Hourly Rate – Professional baby proofers can charge upwards of $25-150 per hour. You can set your own hourly rates. You might want to start a little lower, maybe start at $25-30 per hour and then as you bring on more clients and get busier, you can increase your rates over time.

2. You Can Make MORE Than Your Hourly Rate – At the end of a visit with a potential client, you can sell them products that will help them baby proof their home. You can also offer to install the products for them. This will provide you with extra income on top of the hourly rate you are charging.

3. Meet People – If you enjoy meeting new people and have great people skills, this is definitely a career to consider. Each consultation with a client will involve social interaction and getting to know new people.

4. Have a Flexible Schedule – If you have children’s schedules to work around or need a business that provides flexibility, this is the perfect business for that. Set your own appointments and work as little or as much as you want.

5. You Can Phase Your Time Out of The Business – Eventually, once you have enough clients, you can hire people to meet with your clients and sell your products for you so that you can spend your time just managing the business instead of doing all of the actual work. This will really enable you to earn more, because it will enable you to take on more clients than you would otherwise be able to.

6. LOW Start up Costs – The cost of starting a baby proofing company is very minimal. You can actually start with no investment, but it would help to at least have some business cards and brochures made, to help you look professional and display your pricing and products for your potential customers.

As you can see, there are many benefits to starting a baby proofing company.

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