Abraham Lincoln said,” All that I am or ever hope to be, I owe to my angel mother.”

That explains the importance of mother in every one’s life. Nothing can repay the sacrifice of a mother. The sacrifices of a mother from the moment they carry their baby in the womb until the delivery is incomparable. Motherhood is the most difficult and exhausting job in the world yet all mothers enjoy doing their job and have an unconditional love for their child.

Every mother has a protective instinct within them that makes sure no harm befalls the child. That may be the reason why most women puts their hand around their pregnant belly, though they know their little ones are well protected inside the womb.

Motherhood gives us the joy of conceiving, giving birth and then raising the children which is rather a difficult task, but its happiness can never be describable. Nothing is more exciting than stepping into motherhood.

The eternal feeling of motherhood starts from the moment you have a life sprouting inside you. From then on your life begins to change, you no longer are the same person, your dreams and wishes takes the second preference in your life.

You have to adjust yourself for the needs of your child.The ultimate aim of being a woman is fulfilled completely when you become a mother for the first time. Also the ultimate dream of every woman is to become a mother.

Every woman in the universe would say becoming a mother is the most exciting thing in their life. To carry your own little ones in your womb for nine month is definitely a sacrifice and a great feeling which cannot be explained in words.

Your life undergoes many changes from the moment your child is born. Your schedule, your feelings and your life itself takes a complete turn. A special feeling fills your heart that you may have never felt and you slowly begin to realize your life is never the same again. The feeling of motherhood opens a way to many seismic experiences.

Your life takes a complete turn from the moment you give birth to your baby. As years pass the bond between you and your child strengthens and by then you accept the fact that all your happiness lies in the well being of your child.

It would have been heart breaking to if you found yourself among those women who are facing infertility and miscarriages. So thank the almighty god for choosing you worthy of the gift of motherhood.

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