If you haven’t given it much thought, consider the top 7 reasons for kids to learn swimming. There is no better physical activity for children than swimming. Perhaps you have thought about your child learning to swim but just haven’t made up your mind. There is any number of reasons why you may want your child to learn to swim. Most likely your reason falls into one of these categories.

Feeling Safe In or Near Water

Not everyone takes to water easily. Some are born with a fear of the water. Perhaps they have experienced an event which caused the fear. In either case, it is imperative that your child feels safe and comfortable when he or she is near or in water. Having the basic ability to swim will give them confidence. That confidence is necessary so that should they ever find themselves in the water, they will not panic. Panicking can lead to drowning. A child that has learned to swim will have the skills and confidence to stay calm

Sense of Accomplishment

Many children, like their adult counterparts, are goal oriented. They enjoy the accomplishment of “leveling up”, to use the vernacular of the day. Swimming is taught in various stages from basic water survival skills to increasingly advanced strokes and techniques. The sense of accomplishment a child gets from mastering theses skills teaches him valuable lessons he can apply to other aspects of his life as well.

Health Benefits

Swimming is an excellent aerobic and strength training exercise. People who stay physically active have a better chance of remaining healthy. Daily activity can ward off many health problems associated with a more sedentary life such risk of obesity, heart disease, high blood pressure and many more. Teaching children, particularly at an early age to value daily activity makes it less of a chore and more fun. Swimming can definitely be included on the list of “fun” activities that can provide your child with health benefits now and well into their future.

Develop Natural Abilities

Some children naturally take to water. They are terrific swimmers almost from the moment they step into the pool. Even these children can benefit from swimming lessons. Whether they swim for personal pleasure or competitive reasons, the techniques they can learn will enhance their swimming experiences.

Weight Loss

Childhood obesity is a rising problem in the world we live in. The aerobic nature of swimming can help children lose weight without seeming like exercise. It is a low impact activity that reduces the strain on bones and joints while giving a complete workout. Letting your child learn to swim can be the first steps to reversing a weight problem that could lead to other health issues.


To excel at anything, one must practice the skills involved. Regular practice not only builds technique, skill and style, it builds self-discipline. Children can see how their efforts to improve result in learning the basic steps, then add new skills and increase speed and power. Seeing these results over time reinforces the importance of practice. Your child will not only improve as a swimmer but will carry this companion skill of self-discipline into other areas of their life.

Social Skills and Team Building

While many places offer private swimming lessons, often children learn to swim in group settings. The interaction teaches social skills. Positive reinforcement and encouragement from staff to student carries over as students encourage one another. As the student progresses or moves to competitive swimming, these skills become team building skills.

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